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an explination

i have had this desire to make an underground version of the "RENT" book ever since september 1997. i promised to make this so-called UNDERGROUND RENT BOOK during the summer of 1998, but here it is- august- and i haven't started it. this was mainly due to the fact that i "was over it" and really hadn't been inspired to go ahead and create the book.

the original idea was to make a book about the fans, the line, the rumors, the hype, and the psychos that well all know and love/hate. it was going to be a physical book, but suddenly it occurred to me, the only way i would actually go ahead and make it was if it was an internet web site. this opens up doors to everyone. people all over the world will be able to see it and they will be able to add material and information easily.

i guess i should emphasize that this site will focus around the infamous NYLQ and the new york production. if you want more info on the angel, benny, toronto, or london cast, go make a website of your own. we'd be happy to link to you.

stay tuned for the launch of this site.