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Anthony Rapp offered "Charlie Brown"
august 18, 1998

NEW YORK- It looks like Anthony Rapp might be trading in his red and blue striped "Free People" sweater for a zig-zag. The late breaking news is that Rapp has been offered the lead role in the up-and-coming production of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, which is to start rehearsing as early as November of this year.

If Rapp decides to join the cast, he will be forced to break his contract in the London production of Rent, which he previously was signed on until later this year. Rent producer Michael Grief's only comment about the threat of a disruption in the London run was his plans to shut down the London "line" because "the kids are having way too much fun".

When asked for a comment on this rumor, Anthony Rapp answered; "When my agent told me about the auditions for Charlie Brown I immediately thought, 'yes- I can do this. I can play a 7-year old child... and a cartoon character at that." His thoughts on the challenges of trying to re-create the beloved character were; "I find Charlie to be a great cathartic figure in modern day society and it would be an honor to originate this role. It wouldn't be the first time I've done a two-dimensional person with success. I would come to the show with experience in that type of role."

NOTE: this is a parody. do not take seriously. here's the real story

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