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the shows

the line





adam takes his last hug

fredi walker's limo driver holds up a sign

fredi is actually surrounded by a crowd
the shows: the ones you should know

Adam and Fredi's Last


  • Screaming for Gwen's first solo during "SOL" that drowns out mario burrell
  • EVERYONE clapping at the same time (how wonderful it sounds) during; "it's time now to sing out.."
  • Gwen hitting *high* notes during her second solo
  • Screaming when KLK makes her entrance in "HNY"
  • Adam singing; "a total dead end". something about just sounds so sexy. (hi! i'm on crack!)
  • Laughing as KLK, anthony, and fredi did a bump and grind line as adam tries to sing; "last week, i wanted just to disappear.."
  • Silence after karen does her "mark's mom" and wOOing for aiko as "alexi darling"
  • KLK making a "reer!" cat sound after fredi says; "that's selling out"
  • Laughing as KLK moved up and down the bar as she sang; "we can plan another protest.
  • Random screaming in-between line breaks in "TMOM"
  • Cracking up as fredi mimicked KLK's hand motions for "OTM" as she sang; "my impromptu baby".
  • The 30 seconds of screaming after "TMOM"
  • Adam's last "the lUUUuuungs breathe.."
  • Chanting; "jesse, jesse" before "contact". but he never DID say anything.
  • Fredi saying; "it's time to get my FREAK on!"
  • The horny wOOping frenzy that followed
  • Wondering what the FUCK kristen was doing under that sheet
  • KLK having to start her lines over; "so much more- ahem- so much more original than us.." :*(
  • Fredi, adam, kristen, and everyone else with a heart sobbing like a bunch of babies during "ICY:R"
  • Fredi singing her; "so with a thousand sweet kisses.." as tears rolled down her face
  • Adam unable to sing the second to last lines of "ICY:R"; "five hundred twenty five thousand seasons of.." because he was crying. he just stood there and tried to gain composure.
  • Whimpering when anthony said; "will it mean that it's the end and i'm alone?"
  • Adam messing; "all your words are nice Mimi" one last time. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!
  • Adam not saying; "fuckin' bitch"
  • Crying during; "i can't believe this is good-bye"
  • Crying during "good-bye love"
  • Stifling laughter as marcy tried to be so emotional, she fell on the table b/c she was unbalanced.
  • Mel stating in disbelief; "i can't believe that this guy is a PRIEST!" as mario burrell said his lines; "off the premises now, we give no handouts here."
  • Mario saying; "off the premises, queer" like a cartoon character.
  • Anthony going CRAZY, but kicking ass in "WYO"
  • Adam swinging around that bar one last time during; "the filmmaker cannot see"
  • Me trying to find my recorder during "WYO"
  • Anthony's "i QUIT!" coming awfully close to the NP Harris's "i QUIT!" (who i rank as the best one to say that line)
  • Overall kicking ALL ASS in "WYO" by adam and anthony
  • Mark setlock singing; "santy claus is CUMin' " with lewd gestures.
  • Us sighing as taye's picture comes up on the screen as anthony sings; "pulling benny, out of the east village location."
  • Adam saying; "it wasn't 'cause-" perfectly
  • Adam giving me and everyone else chills as he sang "your eyes".
  • Making little squeals as gilles, toby, byron, rodney, idina, fredi, adam and daphne popped up on the video
  • The ROAR after anthony said; "Fredi Walker and Adam Pascal" wOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!