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the author at the aug 3rd show
the shows: the ones you should know

August Third, 1997
by Steph

Rent-August 3rd By the time we got to the theater my mom had me on her death list. Well I saw Jen yes roller blading girl. I went up to her and introduced myself. She was also with Amers.

We talked for a minute or two. They informed me how the whole cast was understudies. I was than convinced when they found up we were coming they all decided to go out drinking and getting high. More on that later. Well when we got in the theater. I realized they were like 5 or 6 people who should be there, only 4 OBC in their own roles, Kristen, Gwen, Anthony and can you believe it FREDI (eww). I was pissed but just happy Kristen and Anthony were there, REALLY happy. I than made sure everyone would clap EXTRA loud for Kristen hehe. :)

Well lets get to there show. First off the applause BEFORE the show was for like 2 minutes or so. Uh Gilles looked and was kinda um SCARY. We all think his "goatee" thingy is fake ;) hehe. I think Gilles had to get used to being Roger or something cause he seemed kinda like fake or something in the 1st act. At first everytime Gilles said something especially when he messed up he everyone looked at each other. We were being VERY critical at first at Gilles. We did loosen up I could tell as the show went on. Oh everyone did clap extra loud for Kristen...I think I did :) btw the way Kristen is perfectly funny :)

Ok Kristen and Norbert are like best friends. They kept playing around with each other the show. Also Kristen was sooooo cute in the title show, she started dancing with Ray why she dance with Ray I don't know but it WAS cute. :) If you couldn't tell yet I practically just stared at Kristen the whole time hehe :) I even once saw her outside the stage door thing at the right hehe :)

Gilles's Glory was whatever. But when I saw Marcy come i was actually happy it was over...Marcy was good in Light My Candle Gilles um whatever. As we were saying at intermission why would she like him? I mean that didn't realy add or take away from it I don't think but its a side note. I like Adam better than Gilles in like everything (I can think of at the moment).

Oh Anthony was high. hehe :) He was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CRAZY!!! :) LOVE IT!!! Ok I'm not really going in order but whatever. Ok well Michael was decent. At times I found myself missing Jesse. But he was sick so I'm not going to be critical, but really he wasn't bad at all. A suitable replacement. :)

Carlos. awwww everyone wants to take one home. I really liked Carlos. Yes he DID look like he was 12 maybe even 10, but I still love him :) Which reminds me c'mon Bridge when are going to finish those dolls!!?!!?!? ;) Norbert rocks. His Gordon was excellent. I never thought Gordon could be done so well. It was just like how they said Gordon is in the book. Not buying the shit, bitter. Bravo Norbie!! :)

Ok Fredi, Fredi was Fredi. She's loosing her voice, her voice kept going out... :( but Tango:Maureen was crazy and so funny!!!!!!!!!! :) luv ya Anthony! Lets go down to Christamas Bells now. Norbert!!! I LOVE YOU!! YOU ROCK!! I cant really show it on the computer what he did with "rudolpoh the red nose reindeer" but if you were there you know EXACLY what I am talking about. Everyone laughed and clapped :)

OH WAIT!! OH MY G-D!! I FORGOT RODNEY!!! HOW COULD I DO THAT!?!? ok at first Rodney was ok. He seemed like HAPPY they didn't pay their Rent and Alison was sad. Like Alison baby w00! You said sad!! w00!! yey!!! ;) But he got better as the show went on. By Act 2 he was wonderful. :)

Ok now to Sherie. No. I do NOT Like her. Her OTM was a disgrace. I seriously felt like going up on the stage kicking Sherie off and making Kristen do OTM. I was like "hey if I moo NOW will you shut up?" I didn't even clap and I hardly mooed. My best friend did not get why I didn't like it. She loved it. She made explain the whole reason why. But at the end of my reason when she STILL did not get why I was like "when you see Kristen as Maureen than you can talk to me about this." Her Maureen was confusing one moment she would be TRYING to be cute than like "oops I'm suppose to be SEXY!" I really don't like her. her LVB is ok.

Ok well Ray I totally forgot about him! I wonder why... he blends in with the cast. Nothing like "OH MY G-D!!! RAY!!! I LIKE WANT TO F*** HIM!!! YEAH!!!!!" or "EWWW RAY!! SMELLY YUCKY BOY!! HE SUCKS!! EWW! EWW!!" He was just there. Hmm nothing else really big after that happened. now to intermission :)

I was like "Gilles sucks!" Yes maybe I was being mean I hated his Act 1 sorry. Well we were CRAZY. Let me skip down to when they said Yaz would be Christmas Carolers and others you probably don't want to hear our other crazines :) ok when they announced it we ALL started screaming and yelling.

Act 2

ok well now let me tell you i was really nervous cause it was like 1 min before Act 2 and no one who came with me was there. finally my dad came. But no one else. My friends came after SOL and my mom left the theater the b***ch. ugh. ok well Yaz rocks :) love her. When she finished EVERYONE cheered REALLY loud. :) Gilles was better in Act 2. He was ok in Act 2. HNY was pretty good i guess. Anthony! he started like filming Sherie's butt. ROTFL!!! Anthony made you see he really still like Maureen. WHY he would like Sherie's Maureen I don't know but it did a wonderful job :) Sherie and Anthony flirted a lot in HNY or should I say Mark and fake Maureen.

hmm whats next?

oh! Calvin is GREAT. i really enjoyed him as Collins well for the 2nd act at least. :) He must make a really good Collins :)

Take Me Or Leave Sherie kept sticking her but in Marcy's face.

Lets go to Without You. Marcy I was beginning to actually like you! You ruined it with your Without You. It was bad. I didn't even look at her in it after like the 1st verse. Carlos and Calvin were good in it ;) I looked at them the whole time :)
,br> Contact. Ok Kristen and Yassmin have something going on. :) I love them...

I'll Cover You. Calvin rocks.

Goodbye Love was wonderful. Sherie was Sherie. Marcy was good. Everyone else also was good too :)

Lets go down to the finale and Your Eyes. It was very emotional and great. Gilles was good Your Eyes w00! The finale rocked too. :)

Ok thats it.