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the shows: the ones you should know

The Clintons at RENT
by Jo

Ok you all....I will only type this once. :)


one word: PATHETIC

The whole block was blocked off. NO ONE allowed on the block unless you had a ticket. Police and guards and Secret Service EVERYWHERE. On the streets, on the fire escapes, 6 S.S. men on the mezzanine a zillion surrounding the prez and his family, one on each side of the stage in the wings...what the hell do they need to have them THERE for?? you KNOW the cast is gonna come onstage with guns and aim at the prez. right. :P whatever.

There was a TENT outside the theatre for the limo to into...and the tent lead straight into the theatre. like, ew.

And after the show, they brought down steps that lead onto the stage and the Clintons and all the people with them went up onstage, and everyone involved with the show (producers, Jonathan Larson's parents, the swings, the crew, etc) all gathered up there, and then they lowered the curtain. We all stood there like, The theatre has a curtain???? :)

So anyway...the place was a circus. :P I hated it. And we all got SEARCHED! :P they searched our bags...ran this metal detector thing all over us...sorta frisked us... I heard they even searched the cast!! What the hell is that??

Well, AFTER the show...forget it. You couldn't stand anywhere. They didn't give a sh*t if you lost your kid in the crowd, you had to keep moving. You couldn't stop to wait for someone. I like never wanna be anywhere NEAR the stupid a** president again!!!! Or anyone in his family. :P

But was a stupid day....Remind me to never go anywhere the prez goes.