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the shows

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the adam pascal cookie

jesse l. martin came to see adam and fredi off

curtain calls
the shows: the ones you should know

Adam and Fredi's Last
by Bridge


(best read with tape of the show)


  • The 45 seconds(yes, i timed it) of screaming when adam and company walked out
  • Us laughing during "you still dating her". adam was hitting anthony
  • The 10 second screaming session b4 "RENT"
  • Us (me, liz, jo-lin, and mel) talking about jesse as micheal says; "how do you stay on your feet"
  • "...mas bells are ringing". what is WRONG with mario burrell?
  • Us CRACKING up when adam knocked over the chair during "...mas bells are ringing"
  • Us laughing at carlos after the WEIRD "oh! we'll get along fine!"
  • Crying before/during/after "Glory"
  • The 10 second screaming session after "Glory", and the sudden stop when adam was going to say his next line.
  • Screaming for KLK after her "Voice Mail"
  • Screaming for Gwen after her "Voice Mail"
  • Wondering what the HELL carlos was going during "T4U"
  • Laughing at jacques smiling face after "get your ass of that range rover"
  • wOOing when anthony extended his hand to tango
  • wOOing when fredi accepted after someone sitting near jesse screamed; "WE LOVE YOU FREDI WALKER!!!!"
  • Me screaming in terror as marcy started "Out Tonight"
  • Mario burrell once again does a "...mas bells are ringing"
  • Me screaming for Norbie's "honest livin', man.."
  • Screaming for Gwen after; "yeah.. i thought not"
  • Laughing as Gwen lifted up her dress during "Santa Fe"
  • The 7 seconds of screaming after "we're okay"
  • Mario burrell singing; "...mas bells are ringing" ANOTHER TIME!!!!!!
  • Me screaming for Norbie's "Honest living.. honest living"
  • Gwen SCREAMING her lines "...17!!!!"
  • The 15 second screaming b4 "OTM"
  • Us getting scared when KLK said; "thirsty" and "elsie" almost like sherie.
  • KLK waiting for us to stop screaming so she could say her lines.
  • Us laughing as KLK made lewd gestures during the song
  • KLK's "wHOOOOOoooooooeed wanna leave cyberland anyway?.."
  • Screaming for KLK's waving bit during; "leaping out of orbit..."
  • Laughing as KLK wiggled around during; "only thing to do..."
  • Alley's premature "MOOOO!!!!"
  • KLK saying; "OHMYGOD! there's a PSYCHIC in the ROOM!!!!"
  • The 45 seconds of SCREAMING after it!!!!!!
  • LOUDER screaming when KLK got on the floor and kicked and screamed a la idina's last show.
  • Us laughing as Norbie was flabbergasted, and couldn't start his line on time (he made the CUTEST confused face!!)
  • Adam's FUCKED UP; "WHAT?!?!?!"
  • Us laughing as KLK made doggie hand motions during; "we'll stay"
  • Adam's last; "muFFY!?!?"
  • Us screaming 6 seconds for Gwen after; "akita: EVITA!"
  • Us laughing as KLK acted out the birth as anthony sang.
  • Screaming as kristen mooned everyone
  • Us laughing as anthony went FUCKING CRAZY during "LVB"
  • Me screaming for Norbie after "to fruits!"
  • Laughing like hell when marcy said; "if you close your eyes!!!!!" as she pretended to be a cheerleader on CRACK!
  • Cracking up as anthony did the hula during "mucho masturbation"
  • Only the people on stage clapping for marcy
  • Us screaming so loud for kristen as anthony did the shirt lift, that you can't hear a thing
  • Me starting the screams for adam
  • Screaming so loud you can't hear "musetta's waltz"
  • Screaming as adam licked his guitar pick b4 he threw it
  • Uproarious laughter after fredi said; "Child, you know benny called the cops!!!!"
  • Everyone SCREAMING and wOOing during; "YEAH!!!!"
  • Everyone chiming in during; "wOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  • Jesse saying; "um.. i have to go to the bathroom."